Covid-19 Informations

Hier finden Sie Informationen über diese neue Erkrankung und wie Sie sich und andere schützen können.


*This information about quarantine measures varies in different areas in Germany. Also, this information changes during the time.This Podcast refers to the rules accoring to July 2020.*
Because of the coronavirus SARS CoV-19 it is possible that quarantine measures in diverse dorms, shelters etc. will be taken time and time again. In order that affected residents understand these measures and follow them it is recommendable to explain it comprehensible, why should a quarantine be ordered and when or rather on what basis it will be ended. In this podcast this information is given in English.

COVID Vaccines: Interview with a doctor

In this podcast we discuss frequently asked questions about Coronavirus vaccinations to doctor Per Gavel, who is doctor medicine pediatrics originally from the UK, currently living in Germany and working in quarantine shelter at Albatros.



This podcast is about some myths and facts around COVID-19, about the effectiveness of vaccines in general and about COVID-19 vaccine. The source of the information is the following website:

Covid 19 Info English

Here you will find information about this new disease and how you can protect yourself and others.