"The objective of the organization is the intergenerational and cross-target group promotion of public and free health, social and welfare services, the young, disabled, homeless and elderly as well as vocational training and education, in particular by

improving the care situation of addicted, mentally impaired, disabled people and people at risk of disability (e.g. by setting up contact and advice centres, day care centres, rehabilitation and qualification projects, assisted living and shared flats and geronto-psychiatric living), as well as workshops for disabled people

Information and assistance in psychosocial crises (e.g. by setting up counselling centres for people in life crises, debt counselling and marriage and family counselling)

Help for women and girls (e.g. through the establishment of women's advice centres, pregnancy conflict counselling centres, sheltered housing and qualification projects)

Self-help and neighbourhood work (e.g. by setting up neighbourhood meeting places and self-help centres, holding district festivals, publishing district newspapers, supporting self-help activities)

Improving the living situation of older people (e.g. by setting up coordination centres for outpatient rehabilitation of older people and care services, recording and networking existing services, helping older people to access databases and IT media)

Qualification of job-seekers and unemployed people (e.g. through measures according to SGB II and III, design and implementation of qualification measures)

Outpatient and inpatient youth and educational assistance, e.g. through accompanying contact with children and relatives, outpatient educational assistance, therapy for children and young people, outreach family therapy, setting up and running home facilities, assisted living, day-care centres for children, day nurseries, school nurseries, family centres and multi-generational houses․


For the technical implementation of our video-supported online counseling we use a solution from Pegasus GmbH Gesellschaft für soziale/gesundheitliche Innovation.

Our partner implements this solution on the basis of open-source technologies and can therefore offer us a secure and stable system.